Island Vibe Cafe


The Island Vibe Cafe opened its doors in May of 2016, bringing a touch of the world to Ocracoke Island. The cafe offers a variety of Greek yogurt and granola homemade in our kitchen. We also offer a selection of drinks, including beer and wine. Our shop features a wonderfully eclectic mix of clothing and jewelry from around world.

Kathleen Triolo

Kathleen triolo is the owner of Island vibe Cafe.

I suppose my passion for traveling and immersing myself in different cultures has come naturally.  My birth in Korat Thailand instilled in me the idea that the world is an amazing place and should be explored. My travels have allowed me to see, taste and touch a vast array of cultural delights and, although each place I visited presented it’s own unique artistic explosion, a few places have touched my soul.

I found that having to choose a theme for my shop did not encompass the diversity I was trying to achieve.  I love the vibrancy, amazing color and positive Karma of  South East Asia, the delightful cafe’s of Italy and the beauty and serenity of Greece and I wanted to share these things.  Therefore, instead of making one selection I decided to bring together unique clothing and accessories from Tibet and Thailand, homemade Greek yogurt and granola’s for an essence of the Medditerannian Sea and a selection of beer and wine, a remembrance of Italian piazzas.  The merging together of my favorite places around the world was the inspiration behind my shop:  Island vibe.

Ocracoke Island has given me the opportunity to realize my dream.  I am so fortunate to have met truly amazing people from all over the world who have wandered into my shop.  Being able to laugh, cry and share life stories with my visitors has solidified in my mind that I am exactly where I should be and reinforces that what I am able to offer represents a tiny snapshot of the eclectic and extraordinary world we all share.  

I have learned many things in my journey through life; however, one of the ideas that resinates with me is that anything is possible and there is a precious world out there just waiting to be explored!

Sending Good Vibes from the island,



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